Are You a “Numbers Slave”?


What type of system are you using to determine what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, when to move, how much to move, etc? Are you a slave to your numbers? Have you ever tried to disentangle yourself from your numbers? Is fear keeping you stuck? Fear of your hunger, appetite, weight? Why have you gotten so far away from your intuitive way of eating and living,and so reliant upon your system?

Think about what types of numbers you are enslaved by?

Numbers on a scale?

Number of fat grams per day?

Number of carbohydrates?

Number of times to eat per day?

Number of crackers, pretzels, pieces of gum, teaspoons of half and half?

Numbers of hours between meals?

Numbers of days per week you exercise?

Numbers of minutes you need to complete before you get off the piece of equipment?

Number of calories you can’t exceed per day?

Number of crunches, push-ups, leg lifts you need to do?

Number in the back of your blouse, your skirt, your jeans?

Number of items in a serving?

Number of ounces your piece of chicken is?

All these numbers for what?

Are they improving your sense of happiness?

Do you feel free when you count? Or do you feel like you can’t be happy unless you focus on all these numbers?

The truth is, the more you focus on any types of numbers, the less you focus on what your body really wants, how much it wants and needs of the essential nutrients, water, movement, and when it needs these things.

Numbers are a dishonest, fabricated replacement for intuitiveness. They are arbitrary, counterfeit ways of feeling in control. They are useless. They render you powerless, NOT powerful. They don’t give you control over anything. They merely give you the illusion of control and disable your inner means of determining your needs. Why are you afraid to give them up? Most likely because you distrust yourself, yet you ARE the best, most trustworthy determinant of what you need. Perhaps society has influenced you. Perhaps you have heard of, or embarked on numerous diet plans that are based on numbers. Perhaps you have been made to feel that you are GOOD when you are following numbers, and BAD when you aren’t.

The longer you rely on numbers, the more disordered you will become. The fear will ultimately keep you enslaved, and you will never know how free you can actually be by trusting that inner self that has been there all the time, ever since you were a baby and knew when to eat and when to stop.

Try to take small steps away from your numbers, and prove to yourself that you can survive. It won’t be perfect. You will make mistakes. There’s no such thing as being perfectly intuitive, 100% of the time. But, that’s life. Your number system is fraught with mistakes, but you trust it like a lifeline. Unfortunately, it keeps you from experiencing the freedom, flexibility, and spontaneity that life has to offer.  Systems don’t keep your weight or health in a stable place either. If you followed the same number system at age 15 that you did at age 5 or at age 35, it would be preposterous that your weight or health would benefit.  

Before January 1st, when you will be bombarded by an enormous onslaught of “new and improved” diets, number systems, and weight loss plans that society will be urging you to follow, why don’t you take a stance against all the numbers propaganda, and turn inward to the best, most trusted resource for health information ever…YOU!!!

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