About The Center

www.beginwithin.comWelcome to BeginWithin!

BeginWithin was officially co-founded in 2006 in Red Bank, NJ by Donna Gallagher, MS, RD and Marnie Fegan, Psy.D. to provide a healing environment that was not only professional but warm and welcoming.  Although Donna and Marnie had maintained private practices for several years prior to the development of the center, they understood that during the recovery process, individuals and families may prefer a treatment center that not only embodies comfort and safety, but also offers a choice of compassionate, experienced treatment providers and a wide array of services.

The eating disorder staff at BeginWithin is dedicated to bringing hope and healing to their clients. We believe that through individual psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, and the support of other professionals, family, and friends, our clients can gain the insights and skills necessary to make healthy changes toward recovery. We empower our clients to use these insights and skills to transform their life to one that is free from weight and food obsession.